Heron Group

Heron is an ambitious Austrian industrial company, which has developed from a manufacturer of fully automated assembly machines to a provider of a Modular Automation System and is operating globally. Heron Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, USA and Australia. The headquarters is in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg), 10 km south of Lake Constance, in the border region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Three operational subsidiaries, Heron CNC Technik, Robotunits and Servus Intralogistics have been created over the years, which operate independently in the market and utilize synergies. The parent company Heron Innovations Factory is the service provider for its subsidiaries. Coaching, Human Resources, accounting and product development are its responsibilities.  


Heron CNC Technik specializes in machining and the production of steel and aluminum prototypes and series. 

Robotunits GmbH. develops and delivers the Robotunits Modular Automation System that is particularly renowned for its high strength and versatility. 

Servus Intralogistics develops and implements customised and turn-key solutions for intra-logistics, small parts storage, picking and assembly automation with the world's first intelligent and autonomous transport robot system, "Servus".