Heron-CNC-Technik - Perfection is Believing

Heron-CNC-Technic is an independent company, within the Heron Group, that specialises in cutting production. Our services include the production of Prototypes, single and volume components as well as the construction of entire assemblies.

We can perform for you both multi-sided machining with one setup and finished parts, with our 5-Axis Machines - in which all axes are required to move simultaneously. On request we can also advise you about the creation of single parts and complete assemblies, in terms of optimised production - so to reduce overall costs.

In addition, we are able to create 3D Programs for you (ISO-Format) – regardless of where and by whom the parts were manufactured. We also carry out all requested heat and surface treatments.

The fastest way that we can produce finished parts, is if you provide us with your CAD-Files. You can send us the files, by email or on disc, in the format of your choice (such as dwg, dxf, iges, vda, etc). Through the acquisition of your files in our CAD/CAM-System it is possible for us to avoid unnecessary interfaces, which saves time and costs. We deliver the results to you in the shortest time possible and therefore increase your flexibility.


Heron CNC Technik

Heron-CNC-Technik GmbH

Dr. Walter Zumtobelstraße 2

A - 6850 Dornbirn Austria

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