The Heron “Idea Factory"

The new 6000 m² “Idea Factory” and world headquarters of the Heron Group and subsidiaries Servus Robotics, Robotunits, Heron-CNC-Technik and Vecon provides optimal working and manufacturing conditions. The Heron innovation plant also serves as a living showroom. The ideal result is that when a customer visits us to discuss a concrete project, he will see new ideas and applications. The customer can experience all our products and solutions live in a way that directly relates to the customers needs. For example, all the office furniture is cleverly constructed from the Modular Automation System. The Servus transport robots, the Heron Groups newest innovation, takes over the company’s internal logistical responsibilities. Every department, from receiving to shipping, is in some way connected to Servus.


Heron bets on Renewable Energies

The Heron “Idea Factory” was built as a low-energy industrial building. Instead of fossil fuels it uses geothermal power, which provides energy for heating and cooling through a sophisticated heat pump system. The necessary pipes are integrated into 270 ground poles, on which the building is standing. Triple pane windows, a special glazing and a highly efficient insulation result in energy saving values usually only reached in low-energy homes. A heat recovery ventilation system is another essential part of the energy concept of the Heron Idea factory. An additional positive effect of this system is a high oxygen level in the air, which is crucial for concentration and productivity of the employees working in the building. An innovative control system manages low energy lighting and the blinds.