The Heron Group continues to win awards, not just for technical innovation, but also for the commitment and outstanding contributions to the community.


Servus reddot team

2013 Servus awarded with red dot design award
Servus Servus transport robots received the "red dot design award" for high quality design. Christian Beer, Wolfgang Brändle, Harald Häusle, Gerhard Kranzelbinder (from left to right).

mm award 2008

2008 Servus Received MM-Award Automatica Munich
Servus Robotics convinced the judges with the most recent Servus Innovation, a robotic arm for the Servus transport robot. Wolfgang Brändle, Christian Beer, Gerhard Kranzelbinder, Thomas Ennemoser (from left to right).

Gesundheitspreis 2008

2008 Heron Won the Vorarlberg Health Award
The Vorarlberg corporate group Heron was honored by the state of Vorarlberg and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce for contributions to health care and was awarded the Vorarlberg Health Prize.

2006 Servus Received the Vorarlberg Prize for Innovation
Servus Robotics was awarded the Vorarlberg state prize for innovation and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce for product innovation, its benefits, economic effects and market opportunities. This also gained Servus a nomination for the Austrian Prize for Innovation.

2001 Heron is the Most Family-Friendly Company
The former minister for social affairs Herbert Haupt chose Heron as "Austria's most women and family-friendly company" for an outstanding commitment by the corporate group to the community. Bettina Beer, Herbert Haupt, Christian Beer and Greti Schmid.

1994 Robotunits Received the Vorarlberg Prize for Innovation
The state and the Vorarlberg chamber of commerce awarded Robotunits for the development of the modular automation system with the "Prize for innovation of the Vorarlberg economy".